It has a lot of pages with wide functionality options. The search engine, personal dashboard, account manager, etc. I established all of the application’s backbone.js based controllers. I used Require.js dependencies library to include a lot of jquery plugins in necessary controllers.


The project is big. It consists of the node.js based backend and angular 1.6 based client-side.

I develop whole the server with node.js / PostgreSQL and Docker deploy the system. The server was an API endpoint. It was a custom jwt based auth application with registration, login and auth token system of authorization. Another functionality was creating and configuring of VPS models.

Client-side was components based Angular application with SPA principles. It consists of pages for useful configuring VPS.


Concert organization website. With booking/rent functionality of tools provided. It’s whole of my own development consists of:

  • UI design
  • WP theme customization
  • Deploy to remote VPS
  • Plugin installations and setup
  • email server configuration
  • social network VK news feed integration